EA Artificial Evolution 2015



Invited Conference

Guillaume Beslon, Can artificial evolution shed light on evolution of complexity in real organisms?


Darrell Whitley, Francisco Chicano and Renato Tinos, Partition Crossover for Pseudo-Boolean Optimization

Long paper + Oral presentation

Monday, 26th
Session 1
Gabriela Ochoa, Nadarajen Veerapen, Darrell Whitley and Edmund Burke. The Multi-Funnel Structure of TSP Fitness Landscapes: A Visual Exploration
Hernan Aguirre, Saul Zapotecas Martinez, Arnaud Liefooghe, Sebastien Verel and Kiyoshi Tanaka. Approaches for Many-objective Optimization: Analysis and Comparison on MNK-landscapes
Session 2
Rolando Armas, Hernan Aguirre, Saul Zapotecas and Kiyoshi Tanaka. Traffic Signal Optimization: Minimizing Travel Time and Fuel Consumption
Thomas Chabin, Alberto Tonda and Evelyne Lutton. Global Sensitivity Analysis and Evolutionary Algorithms
Session 3
Olivier Teytaud. Quasi-random numbers improve the CMA-ES on the BBOB testbed
Vincent Berthier. Progressive Differential Evolution on Clustering Real World Problems
Tuesday, 27th
Session 4
Christopher Jankee, Verel Sebastien, Bilel Derbel and Cyril Fonlupt. Distributed Adaptive Metaheuristic Selection: Comparisons of Selection Strategies
Jorge Alberto Soria-Alcaraz, Gabriela Ochoa, Adrien Goeffon, Frederic Lardeux and Frederic Saubion. Combining Mutation and Recombination to Improve a Distributed Model of Adaptive Operator Selection
Nacim Belkhir, Johann Dreo, Pierre Saveant and Marc Schoenauer. Parameter Setting for Distributed CMA-ES
Session 5
Denis Robilliard and Cyril Fonlupt. Towards Human-Competitive Game Playing for Complex Board Games with Genetic Programming
Nuno Lourenco, Francisco B. Pereira and Ernesto Costa. SGE: A Structured Representation for Grammatical Evolution
Robyn Ffrancon and Marc Schoenauer. Greedy Semantic Local Search for Small Solutions
Wednesday, 28th
Session 6
Marcus Dos Santos, Denise Souza, Henrique E. Borges, Rogerio M. Gomes and Patrick Siarry. Effects of Cooperation in a Bioinspired Multi-agent Autonomous System for Solving Optimization Problems
Diana F. Galvao, Joel Lehman and Paulo Urbano. Novelty-driven Particle Swarm Optimization
Fatima Debbat, Nicolas Monmarche, Pierre Gaucher, Mohamed Slimane. How a model based on P-temporal Petri Nets can be used to study Aggregation Behavior
Session 7
Ines Sghir, Jin-Kao Hao, Ines Ben Jaafar and Khaled Ghedira. A Distributed Hybrid Algorithm for the Graph Coloring Problem
Jean-Joseph Christophe, Jeremie Decock, Jialin Liu and Olivier Teytaud. Variance Reduction in Population-Based Optimization: Application to Unit Commitment
Vincent Berthier and Olivier Teytaud. On the codimension of the set of optima : large scale optimization with few relevant optimal parameters

Short paper + Poster presentation

David Lupien St-Pierre, Olivier Teytaud and Jeremie Decock. Evolutionary Cutting Planes
Mathieu Brevilliers, Omar Abdelkafi, Julien Lepagnot and Lhassane Idoumghar. Idol-Guided Backtracking Search Optimization Algorithm
Vincent Berthier. Comparing optimizers on a unit commitment problem
Vincent Berthier, Adrien Couetoux and Olivier Teytaud. Combining policies: the best of human expertise and neurocontrol
Frank Veenstra, Alexander Struck and Matthias Krauledat. Acquiring Efficient Locomotion in a Simulated Quadruped through Evolving Random and Predefined Neural Networks
Yifei Wang. Contourlet-Based Multispectral Image Fusion Using Free Search Differential Evolution
Omar Abdelkafi, Lhassane Idoumghar, Julien Lepagnot and Mathieu Brevilliers. A GPU-based parallel neighborhood evaluation for ITSSD
Frederic Lardeux, Jorge Maturana and Frederic Saubion. On Migration Policies in Dynamic Island Models